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Our Story

The Lagniappe Shoppe is a family-owned marketplace that provides an avenue for local artisans and crafters to find new purposes for handcrafted items and previously owned treasures. We were founded in 2013 in Thibodaux, Louisiana and strive to provide our customers unique, extra-ordinary items every day. 

The "Old Icehouse" to the New Lagniappe Shoppe

Our mission is to find new purposes for previously owned treasures. This is the reason the Lagniappe Shoppe has recently found its new home in the "Old Icehouse" in Thibodaux, La. The "Old Icehouse" was a popular bar in the 90s that served as a trademark in the City of Thibodaux. We recently renovated the old building that was full of tradition and memories into our new home that will create more traditions and memories.

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A Message from
Our Founder

Hi Everyone! I am so grateful you are a part of the Lagniappe Shoppe family. This adventure was started to "Make Things New Again". I feel very blessed to be able to share this vision.


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